New Music Video SWAY


Sway from Sir Moving Images on Vimeo.

We proudly present the music video Sway, the first single of Robin Block’s debut album Comfort Zones. The song deals with the sense of out-of-placeness and the search for comfort in the most impossible environments. The video was shot in stop motion, partially in our hometown Amsterdam and partially in the spooky primal forests of El Hierro. The volcanic El Hierro is the smallest of the Canarian Islands, known for its mystic landscapes and an undrinkable home-brewed spirit called ‘aquardiente’. All props were made of recycled waste, for which we are much obliged to local garbage man and friend for life: Emerson. We’d like to stress that no sea creatures were hurt during the making of this music video.

(Art) direction: Renske Mijnheer