MANUAL FOR THE DISPLACED is a multidisciplinary performance project by spoken word artist Robin Block, visual storyteller Jeremy Flohr and curator Suzanne Rastovac (from Beyond Walls). Together, and in co-creation with artists of various backgrounds, they explore the question 'what does it take for me to feel at home?'


Taking inspiration from the shared history of the Netherlands and Indonesia, this project unravels a more universal story: the theme of displacement and belonging resonates with many people who have a colonial family history, a migration background or an upbringing between different cultures. What's the impact of war, diaspora and personal stories of resilience? How to develop a sense of identity and belonging in between flags and countries?


MANUAL FOR THE DISPLACED gives words, sounds, movement and images to these questions. Stay tuned for more chapters soon!

My Blood

is the 1st chapter of MANUAL FOR THE DISPLACED.

It voices the mixed and often contradictory histories that we literally carry in our body and bloodline:

"My blood. It bears the stench of tobacco. My veins branch out over ancient plantations. My muscles mix calmness and violence. My blood carries children belonging to no one. A country both won and lost.

My blood is a lifeline for survival, a curse bottled in

my bones."

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