Meanwhile in the Big Durian...

April 19, 2018

 Meanwhile in the Big Durian....


The two-heel drive is still very much alive. Both in museums:


And in the Betawi cultural village (click to see film):

Miniature park Taman Mini celebrates its 43rd birthday with parades from all 34 provinsi.



 My guess is that provinsi Jakarta hosted the afterparty (click to see film):

Those who choose not to portray their creator, resort to wonderous combinations of plants and maths in Masjid At Tiin, and Masjid Istiqlal:




Meanwhile in the Big Durian... oldschool, analogue journalism has left the building...

While this mighty, old waringin tree, still outgrows civilisation in the shape of lamp posts:

The past is made from artifacts and canon blasts, the present from a camera flash, but the future remains an ominous question mark:

Meanwhile in Big Durian... I have finally found what Lionel Richie has been singing about all this time (it's Soul Glo in a bowl with rawit!):


This is all for now folks, your reporter is signing off with a straw, and in need of some rehydration:








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Robin Block is een dichter, muzikant en performer met Indo roots. Op deze website deelt hij naast poëzie en muziek, blogs over  de geschiedenis en het culturele erfgoed van Nederlands-Indië en Indonesië.

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